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Please critique - first post!

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Looking for any critique or suggestions for the attached piece.

I know it's not strictly in the realm of concept art or anything but hopefully you guys don't mind helping me out all the same! :)

Thanks in advance!


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Demon and Angel Acrylic painting

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Hey there, y'all. I'm new to the website, saw it on a list of good places to get some feedback on artwork. My piece is a demon and angel at a moment of some holy event, intentionally left vague. The demon is distraught, and the angel is smug and confident. It isn't entirely finished, as I still need to add color and detail to the angel, and I'll tighten the demon a bit more, too.

Anywho, it's acrylic on smooth bristol paper. Any feedback about the composition, color balance, or form is appreciated. Also, I have been having some trouble with predicting what the color will look like on the palette vs. on the page. Complicating factors I am aware of are the color underneath, how wet the paint is/how much medium is used, and color shift from wet to dry. I also find that I have a hard time getting the paint opaque enough, especially when using white, but don't want to use so much paint that it creates a texture that is then hard to continue adding layers on top of. Any tips anyone has about painting with acrylic would be greatly appreciated.

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So... I've been commissioned to do an illustrated children's book

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It's a very short book and the story is very simple... but I'd like to bring up the highest quality work I can... So It can be one of my top works in my curriculum and portolio...

sad part is that I understand little about composition.

here's what I got so far...

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Need critique on this study

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I'm trying to improve my painting skills
as well as my understanding of light and Shadow, and started doing more studies. I would appreciate a critique :)

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Concept art/Illustration. (Kristina Boyko) Different styles and tasks

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Hello everyone!
My name is Kristina. I'm a concept artist with experience in production and games.
Also I can developed create illustration or promoartAnd now available for interesting projects and offers. You can check some my works here:
Thank you for viewing my profile.
Feel free to contact me here : [email protected]
Thank you.
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Merman critique wanted

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Hey there, I'm less than satisfied with this image this far and am not yet experienced enough to know why. I'm still especially inexperienced in color and contrast, depth, etc etc. This is pre any final rendering, but any tips on how you might go about that would also be much appreciated. If anyone has time for a paintover or redline or anything, those would be extra especially nice!

It's intended to be an underwater shot, looking down at a cave floor, with this merman holding a jewel of interest into some light that's filtering into the cave.

Thank you guys, hope to find you well.

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Matilda's Sketchbook

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Hey everyone, this is Matilda, and I am more than excited to join Concept Art 🎨 . I am an industrial engineering major uni student in Singapore but my passion is absent in my current field of studies... I love psychology (while pursuing a minor in psych) and arts (mostly practiced on my own), and I am seriously considering pursuing an art/design/psychology related job in the future. ☺️

I have been practicing painting, mostly on my own. Previously I have done a couple of portrait sketching, watercolour paintings (Since I am so keen into observing people, which partially explains my addiction to psychology). Recently I am steering towards some more graphic design practices (on photoshop) and I am keen to explore some more creative artworks after strengthening my basics.

I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR RESPONSES so that I could keep practicing! :) 🌞

Some of my portraits painting:
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Some of my watercolor paintings:

Name: Snip20180716_9.jpg Views: 871 Size: 56.7 KBName: Snip20180716_8.jpg Views: 881 Size: 38.4 KBName: Snip20180716_10.png Views: 878 Size: 391.9 KBName: Snip20180716_3.jpg Views: 879 Size: 81.9 KBName: Snip20180716_12.png Views: 890 Size: 422.6 KB

Some of my very most recent CG experiments... (I will keep updating!)

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Not sure how far will I go but I'll keep uploading. :)

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